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Intellia Therapeutics is a biotechnology company developing biopharmaceuticals using a CRISPR gene editing system invented by Jennifer Doudna (with colleagues at University of California) and Virginijus Šikšnys (with colleagues at Vilnius University). The company has partnerships with Novartis and Regeneron.

A former employee shares his disappointing experience on, "No opportunities for advancement at Intellia. Unclear paths for promotion. Untrained managers. Payscale is not comparable to other companies or competitive. HR will constantly say they evaluate the pay scale based on competition, but what they fail to understand is job titles for our company do not match up with other companies. So they need to look closer at roles/responsibilities of positions and adjust pay based on that. Scientist vs Research assistant vs associate scientist as a job title varies greatly from company to company. Some places a scientist is below a research assistant on the hierarchy. Goals, expectations, and workload vary from department to department and manager to manager. So many departments are understaffed, and the company is doing nothing to increase # of people because they just expect the current people to work 10x as much. Setting unachievable goals and expectations sets employees up for failure."


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Former Employee - Scientist says

"Bad office politics, poor meeting hygiene, people taking credit for other's work."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Highly political and disorganized. Collaboration between groups is poor and decisions tend to be made based on personal gains and company politics instead of in the best interest of the science."

Former Employee - Associate Scientist says

"Highly competitive and toxic culture. Managers didn't know what they were doing and never listened to employees. This is an office culture where sucking up to the boss is worth more than working. There was no clear objectives when I was there and people just seemed to be promoted simply for being there the longest. There is no availability for advancement. HR tried to revamp the pay but I left before seeing it implemented. I can't possibly recommend working for Intellia no matter how competitive the pay is. Intellia sells itself with its science but there are many other companies around with innovative science minus the toxic people." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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